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The dirty hip hop track starts with , points globally. The song sees Cardi and Megan discuss how they want men to please them, using several sexual innuendos. Rounds out the top three is this year’s biggest hit, ‘Blinding Lights’ by The Weeknd, the track turns back at no. Now the sensational song remains for a record-breaking 45th week in the Global Top 10 at no.

Shaggy at no. The 29 year-old Japanese musician, singer-songwriter, record producer and illustrator Kenshi Yonzeu lands the biggest success of his career. The fifth studio album ‘Stray Sheep’ starts with massive 1,, sales, according to Oricon. At no. Rounds out the top three is the leader of the past two weeks, ‘Folklore’ by Taylor Swift. This week it lands at no.

Written by musician, composer, and record producer Steven Greenberg and sung by Cynthia Johnson, the song expresses the singer’s pining for a metaphorical place that will “keep me movin’, keep me movin’ with some energy”. Steven wrote the song while the band was living in Minneapolis with dreams of moving to New York. The Time Out magazine reported that ‘Funkytown’ expresses a simple, repetitive yearning for the pulse of a bigger city, goosed by a killer ten-note synth riff.

Hot/Crazy Scale

Axel Page December 7, 56, Views. You should not be wasting your time with girls who fall between on the hotness axis. If you waste time with low quality girls, you will end up needy and overwhelmed if you ever attract a quality, hot girl. The hotness level you are seeking also needs to be realistic in comparison to what you physically look like. You need to always be maximizing your appearance and physique, and can;t expect to attract smoke-shows if you are not up to par yourself.

Hotness can obviously be determined immediately upon meeting a new girl.

points • comments – Crazy vs hot line graph – 9GAG has the So no women who’s below 5 is worth marrying or even dating to you?

So I think I can safely say that I have a pretty good sample size to base my, admittedly, subjective observations on. To be fair, these beautiful train wrecks are simply a product of their upbringing, but they are just that — gorgeous, yet crazy. Sign up for an ABCs of Attraction bootcamp now! By JT Tran. Now I want you to imagine growing up as a small child and everyone was nice to you.

Everyone bought you gifts, everyone did you favors, everyone was considerate towards you. You were never ever the last person to be picked in sports or projects and everyone wanted to be around you. Everyone in the world is willing to talk to them and they love to talk right back. People are always doing her favors, talking to her, and her phone is blowing up see Habit 6. I have also been party to the most well-orchestrated plan that would rival D-Day and the storming of Normandy, all to be dismissed at the vagaries and whims of these gorgeous tacticians.

This may have a lot to do with them being used to everything being done for them; they never learned enough practical life skills to be able to keep things in order. They understand the power of their smiles, the way they cock their heads and the smolder in their eyes. They can communicate more with their face and body language than any so-called Pick Up Artist with his canned routines and DHVs.

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Don’t let your Excel charts and graphs be drab. To remove these margins, double-click on the date axis and the “Format Axis” window will.

Ideally, you want your date to be above the diagonal line, indicating that they are hotter than they are crazy. The diagonal line is known as the Vicky Mendoza Diagonal by Barney, after a girl he dated who jumped back and forth across the line by shaving her head, then losing ten pounds, then stabbing Barney with a fork and finally getting a boob job. Barney explains the Hot-Crazy scale to the gang after Ted introduces them to Blah Blah , his crazy girlfriend at the time.

Sign In Don’t have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? The bottom-right corner of the scale is dubbed the Shelly Gillespie zone by Barney, after another girl he dated who fell into that area after gaining twenty pounds and trying to kill him with a brick. Her actions do not correspond to what Barney draws on the graph e. If the Hot and Crazy axes had been switched this would have been correct from Barney’s point of view since he is facing the audience and therefore looking at a backwards version of the graph , but for the rest of the show the demonstrations using the graph are correct from the audience’s point of view.

The Mendoza Diagonal is an allusion to the Mendoza Line , a baseball expression for measuring a hitters adequacy. Categories :.

The Female Answer To The Hot/Crazy Matrix Guide To Women Is Here, And It’s Hilarious

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free online out there, but – Interracial Dating, easy on you Crush Crush, Chrono Days Sim Date, Dating Graph Crazy Hot, and Kingdom Days kenya – Cougar.

According Barney, it is acceptable to date someone whose hot-crazy composition is on this diagonal but preferable to date someone who falls above the diagonal in the graph. Likewise, moving left along the diagonal, we get a partner who is less hot but not so crazy. As we move up, each of these lines would have a greater hotness for an equal amount of crazy than the line before it or alternatively, moving left, an equal hotness for a smaller amount of crazy.

Thus, the utility is increasing, explaining why Barney would want to date girls from this section of the graph. On the other hand, the Shelly Gallesby zone would contain the indifference curves for which the individual is more crazy than hot, with an increasing crazy-to-hot ratio as we move down and to the right. The utility here is very low, as Barney has no interest in dating someone both crazy and unattractive. Posted by kathyy94 on Apr 26, am in Uncategorized. I remember watching this episode!

Never really thought about it in an economical way, but the parallels that you created made a lot of sense. You never find out what exactly Barney does for a living, but I think you just proved he is an economist. You are commenting using your WordPress.

10 Signs You’re Dating a Hot Crazy Mess of a Model

View privacy policy. Madonna headed to New York City in in order to make a career in modern dance, and after stints as a backing singer and as a member of the band The Breakfast Club, she signed a solo deal in , releasing her eponymous debut the following year. Madonna soon became a shape-shifting music legend, harnessing the power of video and able to work with some of the most groundbreaking designers, producers and musicians.

Madonna is the biggest selling female artist of all time, with an estimated million records sold, and she is also the highest-grossing solo touring artist of all time, accumulating over a billion from her concert tickets.

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Dating Graph Crazy Hot

Email address:. Dating graph meme. Ideally, hanya kerana menggunakan bahasa inggeris. Sign dates in this list, image is reduced to going against abuse as hell, a chart of.

Dating graph meme – If you are a middle-aged man looking to have a good time dating man half your age, this advertisement is for you. How to get a good man.

The Official Chart, broadcast on BBC Radio 1 and MTV Official UK Top 40 , is the UK music industry’s recognised official measure of singles and albums popularity because it is the most comprehensive research panel of its kind, today surveying over 15, retailers and digital services daily, capturing The OCC website contains the Top chart.

The chart week runs from Friday to midnight Thursday, [5] with most UK physical and digital singles being released on Fridays. From 3 August until 5 July , the chart week ran from Sunday to midnight Saturday. The UK Singles Chart began to be compiled in The company regards a selected period of the New Musical Express chart only from to and the Record Retailer chart from to as predecessors for the period prior to 11 February , where multiples of competing charts none official coexisted side by side.

For example, the BBC compiled its own chart based on an average of the music papers of the time; many songs announced as having reached number one on BBC Radio and Top of the Pops prior to are not listed as chart-toppers according to the legacy criteria of the Charts Company. Before the compilation of sales of records, the music market measured a song’s popularity by sales of sheet music. The idea of compiling a chart based on sales originated in the United States , where the music-trade paper Billboard compiled the first chart incorporating sales figures on 20 July The NME chart was based on a telephone poll.

It was also the first chart to include Northern Ireland in its sample.

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Xuding zhu, ningsheng jian, crazy matrix. Guys here we still matrix data. Resources of ontology oa. Unicorns danger zone crazy matrix is a restriction on d3. An undirected graph diagonally. However, can use the design structure matrix.

While everyone meets Ted’s new crazy girlfriend, everyone recounts their When Barney first draws his Hot/Crazy scale, he places two X’s in the blank chart. of how he met everyone else, we see how Teds date ranks on Barney’s scale.

A commitment to delivering is as important as the project itself. A milestone chart is an effective tool to depict project scope and timelines. Try it Yourself.. Download the file from here. Hi Sumit, what would the steps be to create a timeline like the first one shown, but using Excel for Mac ? Is there a way to use a chart like this but to have subtasks? I was thinking i would resort to hand coloring each task one color then the subtask would match but be a little lighter.

But this project will span several years and I really want to avoid and manually coloring each task. Any suggestions? I found it extremely helpful and was able to successfully create it but later when I happen to add any additional date, activity, it messes up the graphic completely.

Hot and Crazy MATRIX / Cute and Money MATRIX