There are a ton of lists out there on the reasons you should date a Bengali girl. They include comic points like our sexy eyes, our incredible intelligence, the fact that Bipasha Basu is one of us, et cetera. Since I am of average intelligence, have the puffiest eyes in the world, and look nothing like Bipasha, I would just like to call bullshit. This is because Bengali girls are not an exotic entity people can just fetishise. We are overeating bookworms who get ear infections from listening to music through headphones throughout the year. We yell too much, are way too liberated for a north Indian social setup, and have no time for sexism. So, instead of telling you to date a Bengali, I’d strongly suggest you read this list and think twice before wasting a Bengali girl’s time. It is actually hilarious when you’re dating a Punjabi and he says Punjabis eat a lot.

50 reasons a Bong girl will not marry you

Bengalis, commonly known as Bongs, are prominent for many things. They are fun-loving, intense, politically motivated, and humorous too. All communities and cultures have their good and bad points. It is the same for Bengalis. Being a proud Bengali myself, and having observed my own Bong boyfriend and Bong boyfriends of my friends as well, I have come across several common traits possessed by them all.

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I have been asked times and again if marrying a bong girl is a good idea. Yet Others have declared they are genuinely scared of marrying one given how fiery they are. The implication always has been that the choice of whether or not you should marry a bong girl is yours. Really well written, Its cheeky, witty, hilarious In places, Making it a must share. Looking forward to read more miss..

This is so funny and brilliantly written… You are right, even Vogon poetry will do. Okay… Have been living in the City of Joy for a year now.

date a bong girl

While Chakraborty has refused to comment since the matter is now sub-judice, Twitter has been flooded with stereotypical posts against Bengali women — because Rhea Chakraborty is a Bengali. Bengali girls are dominating, they know how to make guys fall for them. They catch big fish, good looking highly paid guys. I have grown up in West Bengal, but I have never heard about the sexist stereotype of Bengali women practising black magic or sorcery.

It was only when I shifted to Delhi that I first heard of this ridiculous claim.

Bengal is a geopolitical, cultural and historical region in South Asia, specifically in the eastern Bengali Muslims are the majority in Bangladesh and Bengali Hindus are the majority in are buried among groves of mango, jack fruit, betel nut and date palm. A woman in Dhaka clad in fine Bengali muslin, 18th century​.

The friend had limited knowledge about Bengalis but belonging to that community made me detect the tone of the video which was exaggerating the stereotypes around us, especially by throwing into the mix, the only kind of Bengali woman who has walked upon this earth — the big eyes, the dusky skin tone, and those glasses to add some intellectual prowess. To me, the video was part of a narrative, not a one-off incident.

My friends in Delhi and elsewhere who are not Bengalis have often reached conclusions about me based on a few stereotypes about Bengali women which by now irritate me to no end. The issue is not that my eyes are different from the stereotype. We, the Bengali women, come in all shapes and sizes, skin tone and eye-size, too, though there are very successful Bengali models and actresses around whom these stereotypes seem to be based upon.

Cinema has often sexualized women on screen and Bipasha Basu mostly got to act in stereotypical roles of the highly sexualized woman in horror as well as comedy films. On a different note, she was also busting the stereotype that darker women could not be stars. Considering the reach of Bollywood in our country, it is not so difficult to understand why many people talk about their fascination with Bengali women, their duskiness and sexual appeal, though skin tones among Bengali women vary as much as among other Indian women.

I dislike listicles which condense information to the point that it loses all nuance, and sometimes, even meaning. You will have to charm her tigress mom though. My mother is a kind, strong woman who has faced most of the troubles of living in a patriarchal society that Indian women from other communities face, and like them, she had the resilience to survive it as a woman and not as any other magical or aggressive creature.

My father can give anybody a hard time, just like my mother can.

9 Reasons To Date a Bengali Girl

Take a look. Is there anything that Nandana Sen cannot do? Setting the screens on fire in Rang Rasiya and this red hot photo shoot for MW , we think she is the hottest Bengali woman ever. Daughter of actor Santu Mukherjee, this stunner first came into limelight in the television show, Devdasi and then went on to do films such as Mastan and Hemanter Pakhi. We all loved her in Byomokesh Bakshi with Sushant Singh Rajput and definitely look forward to more Bollywood gems from her end.

Oh, how we love those kohl eyes and that seductive smile.

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India is a land of various cultures. With so many states, people have their own traditions and culture. If you look at the girls from different parts of the country, you will find differences in their dress, lifestyle, culture and everything. This variety you will find only in one nation in the entire world and that is in none other than India. Let us tell you why it is really amazing to date a Bengali girl. Bong young women have little worry about their figure as they are mystically dependably fit as a fiddle for mystery reasons!

She will not bother you buying her expensive gift, however, a book is more than enough. Those huge beautiful eyes with Kajal will dependably charm you to go to your dreamland and do the fanciful move. She is a wonderful guide for Durga puja Tour in Kolkata. So if you want to save your time rather than waiting in the queue, this is actually a better option.

Sweetest Reasons to Marry a Bong Girl – A Dream Girl

Dark, deep eyes stand for depth in character. Men who already have Bong girls as their partners or wives know the advantages of having her around. Yet Others have declared they are genuinely scared of marrying one given how fiery they are. Also See Advertisement 4.

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Now I know why all Bong girls friendzoned me during the 4 years I spent in Kokata. Actually, rui and katla are easy to know apart. It likes rui vs. Im a Hard-guy bong too and i cannot relate with more than 25 english benefits! So what?? Spare the aggressive-attack posts and have some maach bhaaja instead! Good Apps with your work Rimjhim! One site which likes worth marrying a BONG if you like apps literally. I am sufferer. Now whenever I see Bong-Gal. Nice Apps.

Bengali Women Dating: Tips to Follow

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Awesome Reasons Why Every Man Should Date A Bengali Girl! Now I know why all Bong girls friendzoned me during the 4 years I spent in Kokata. Actually, rui.

Dating Bengali women is not really a challenging topic in terms of both long term and short- term relationship. Dating Bengali women may not be hard but we should know every aspect of culture and customs before we pay attention to get marry with one of them. Most city dwellers Bengali women are knowledgeable people and are proud of their academic life.

Be it a massive understanding of the artistry and sciences, or outstanding English, they really expert everything. Thus, it is only usual that their children get the most excellent of what they can obtain academically. Most Bengali singles are open minded and free to talk, basically who live in the city. Bengali girls for marriage are really helpful and pleasant.

10 Reasons- Why It Is Always Wonderful To Date A Bengali Girl